Best Sports to Bet on in India A Small List

In a nation where the love for sports goes beyond mere recreation, placing bets on sporting events has become exceedingly prevalent. India, renowned for its unique sports culture, offers a plethora of choices for sports enthusiasts. From the almost sacred game of cricket to more contemporary options such as kabaddi and football, the practice of sports betting has firmly woven into the fabric of Indian society. This article will delve into India’s most popular sports, highlighting the excitement they bring, the opportunities they present, and the array of betting choices they offer.


Sports betting in India has developed from a low-value recreational pastime to a multi-billion dollar industry. Fans may now easily wager on their preferred sports from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the development of online betting platforms.

Cricket The Nation’s Beloved

Cricket is a national obsession in India that transcends its status as merely a sport. Both both international tournaments and regional leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL), cricket has a considerable following of bettors.

Kabaddi The Native Jewel

Rooted in Indian tradition, kabaddi has embraced a contemporary form through the Pro Kabaddi League. The sport’s fast-paced nature renders it an enticing option for those who engage in sports betting.

Horse Racing A Regal Pursuit

Horse racing is synonymous with opulence and refinement. The allure of witnessing majestic horses vying for victory while placing bets carries an old-world charm that continues to captivate many.

Tennis Individual Brilliance

Tennis, boasting global stars like Sania Mirza and Leander Paes, offers avenues for individual excellence. Grand Slam events and international tournaments present abundant betting opportunities.

Field Hockey Emblem of National Pride

With a rich history in India, field hockey boasts an ardent following that endures. Wagering on hockey during international competitions becomes a way to rally behind the home team.

Badminton Swiftness and Intensity

The rapid rallies and skillful gameplay of badminton have seized the interest of numerous Indians. With players like P.V. Sindhu making significant strides, the practice of betting on badminton is on the ascent.

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