Gaming apps transfer revenue using shell companies

Transferring huge quantities of money across borders has become increasingly complicated and, in some cases, opaque in an era of rapidly shifting financial landscapes. The migration of significant quantities of money from India to tax havens through creative means such as the establishment of shell businesses and the conversion of profits into cryptocurrency is one emerging trend that has gained attention.

This article delves into the intriguing world of gaming apps, tax evasion, and the utilization of shell companies to facilitate this financial maneuver.


As a result of technology improvements and changing client behavior, the global financial industry is undergoing tremendous transition. The growth of mobile gaming applications, which has quickly become a multibillion-dollar business, is one of several causes encouraging this trend.

However, beneath the surface of this flourishing sector lies a shadowy phenomenon—large sums of money moving from India to tax havens through the employment of shell companies and cryptocurrency conversions.

The Rise of Gaming Apps and Their Lucrative Earnings

In recent years, gaming apps have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity. From casual games to competitive eSports titles, people across demographics have embraced these digital platforms, resulting in substantial revenues for app developers. As the Indian gaming market continues to expand, the financial gains have not gone unnoticed by entities seeking to exploit regulatory loopholes for personal gain.

The Attraction of Tax Havens and Shell Companies

Tax havens, characterized by lenient tax regulations and financial secrecy, have long enticed individuals and corporations seeking to minimize tax liabilities. The integration of shell companies—a legal entity with no active business operations—provides an additional layer of anonymity, making it challenging for authorities to trace the true beneficiaries of financial transactions.

The Crypto Connection: Converting Earnings into Cryptocurrencies

One of the recent innovations in this arena involves converting earnings from gaming apps into cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies provide an additional layer of complexity to an already intricate financial landscape. Their decentralized nature and perceived anonymity make them an attractive option for those looking to evade traditional financial regulations.

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