Indians love the World Cup even if India is not in it

Embracing Football Icons

While Indian football has its own heroes, the World Cup introduces fans to international icons whose skills and charisma transcend the field. Whether it’s the flair of Brazil, the precision of Germany, or the artistry of Argentina, Indians appreciate and idolize these football luminaries. The World Cup provides a chance to witness greatness and adopt new favorites.

Shared Emotions and Unity

When India isn’t participating in the World Cup, Indians often support other teams based on various factors like playing style, underdog status, or personal connections. This collective support for foreign teams fosters a sense of unity and shared emotions. The celebrations and commiserations are not just limited to individual fans but extend to a broader community that comes together during the tournament.

The Excitement of Upsets

One of the most thrilling aspects of the World Cup is the possibility of underdog teams toppling giants. Indians, much like fans worldwide, relish the excitement of witnessing unexpected victories. The underdog’s triumph becomes a source of inspiration, symbolizing that against all odds, dreams can come true. Social Gatherings and Camaraderie

The World Cup acts as a catalyst for social gatherings and camaraderie. Indians love to watch matches with friends and family, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness. The thrill of celebrating a goal or lamenting a missed opportunity in the company of loved ones amplifies the overall experience.


In a country where cricket generally takes center stage, Indians’ enthusiasm for World Cup football, even without India’s involvement, demonstrates the sport’s worldwide appeal. The event crosses geographical barriers, bringing together disparate cultures, and demonstrates the strength of shared emotions and solidarity. The FIFA World Cup is more than simply goals and triumphs; it is a celebration of the human spirit and a passion for the beautiful game.

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