NODWIN and Star Sports announce the second season of BGMS

redefining the landscape of esports. This second season presents an exhilarating fusion of competitive gaming and the expertise of traditional sports broadcasting, creating an unparalleled experience for both gamers and viewers. Embracing the digital era, Rooter has been selected as the official digital streaming partner for this extraordinary gaming extravaganza.


In recent times, esports has transcended into a global phenomenon, captivating millions with its intense competitions and extraordinary skills. Recognizing its immense potential, NODWIN Gaming, a trailblazer in the esports industry, and Star Sports, a pioneer in sports broadcasting, have taken a monumental leap by collaborating to bring us BGMS Season 2.

NODWIN Gaming: Spearheading Esports

NODWIN Gaming has been at the forefront of nurturing esports in India and beyond. With unwavering commitment to establishing competitive platforms, NODWIN has nurtured a community of gamers, transforming their passion into a profession. Their alliance with Star Sports signifies a pivotal juncture in this journey, where esports garners the mainstream attention it rightfully deserves.

Star Sports’ foray into Esports

Star Sports, a household name in sports broadcasting, is well-acquainted with revolutionizing sports consumption. Venturing into esports, they stand ready to redefine the landscape once again. This collaboration not only underscores the escalating influence of esports but also underscores Star Sports’ dedication to staying at the vanguard.

Unveiling BGMS Season 2: A New Epoch

BGMS Season 2 transcends being merely a tournament; it’s an immersive encounter that melds the realms of gaming and sports entertainment. This season guarantees riveting matches, heart-stopping competition, and the adrenaline surge unique to esports. Leveraging NODWIN’s expertise and Star Sports’ production finesse, viewers are in store for an unforgettable journey.

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