Gaming prilks move money into crypto using shell companies

In recent years, a significant trend has emerged in India’s economic landscape, where substantial amounts of money have been flowing from the country to offshore tax havens. This phenomenon has been particularly pronounced within the context of gaming apps, which have found innovative ways to convert their earnings into cryptocurrency using intricate shell company structures. This article delves into the specifics of this fascinating phenomenon, investigating the motives behind it, the mechanics involved, and the ramifications for the Indian economy.


In recent years, the Indian gambling sector has seen a tremendous metamorphosis. What was previously thought to be a leisure activity has turned into a multibillion-dollar commercial sector, with gaming applications making astronomical profits. However, as revenues rise, so does scrutiny, prompting some businesses to pursue novel approaches to wealth management.

The Rise of Gaming Apps and Their Lucrative Earnings

Gaming apps have become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of users engaging in virtual worlds, quests, and battles on their smartphones. This popularity has translated into substantial earnings for app developers and companies, sometimes reaching the scale of crores. As these earnings accrue, some entities are opting to move their funds offshore.

The Attraction of Offshore Tax Havens

Offshore tax havens have long been appealing for their low taxation rates and financial privacy. Countries with favorable tax regimes provide an attractive option for companies looking to minimize their tax liabilities. This allure, however, has given rise to complex financial strategies that aim to legally exploit the gaps in international tax regulations.

The Role of Shell Companies in Facilitating Transactions

Shell companies, often registered in tax havens, play a pivotal role in facilitating these transactions. These companies serve as intermediaries, enabling the movement of funds while maintaining anonymity and confidentiality for the parties involved. Shell companies are known for their opacity, making it challenging for regulatory bodies to track the flow of money effectively.

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